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9 Critical Lessons to Teach to your ELA Summer School Students

So you’ve signed up to teach summer school to middle school students. You are a brave soul and a dedicated educator! If you are like me, you are also a tired school teacher ready for the much deserved and desperately coveted summer break. You may be looking at your summer school teaching experiences from the standpoint …

Summer School Survival Guide- for the High School ELA Teacher!

  So you’ve signed up to teach summer school/ credit recovery. Now what? If you are like me, you are already fairly exhausted (okay, completely exhausted) from teaching this school year. Whatever your role, whatever your grade level, whatever your subject area—you are tired, and justifiably so. By this point in the school year, I …

The Six Word Memoir: An end-of-year writing activity that will save your sanity and deeply engage your students!

For the past three years, I have ended the school year requiring my students to craft one final written piece of work. This writing will require them to think more deeply and work harder than any writing assignment I have assigned throughout the school year- yet, this work will be no more than 6 words …

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